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Backup Doula Support

I am proud to provide backup support from two fantastic doulas. Megan Van Aelst is my primary backup doula, in the rare event that I am not able to attend a client's birth (clients in labor at the same time, severe illness/emergency, previously agreed upon commitment). Hollie Lau is my backup doula for clients who wish to have a doula who can also provide professional photography skills. You are always welcome to reach out to either of my backup doulas to speak over the phone, or even meet to get to know each other.

megan van aelst, cd(dona), lcce


Megan began her doula career in 2012. She is a certified birth doula through DONA International, and a certified Lamaze Instructor. She has three grown children and lives in the Westerville area with her husband and two dogs. Megan and I compliment each other well, and we find clients who feel comfortable with one of us usually feels that way with the other. She and I are both active hands-on doulas, as well as quick with a smile and laugh. If you would like to speak to or meet with Megan before your birth, please feel free to contact her via her website.

hollie lau, CD(DONA), clc


Hollie began her doula career in 2013. She is a certified birth doula through DONA International, and a Certified Lactation Counselor. She has two young children and lives in the Worthington area with her husband. Together they provide professional photography services for families and weddings. Hollie is known for her positive energy, calm demeanor, and tender support. If you would like to speak to or meet with Hollie before your birth, please feel free to contact her via her website.


Words from a client who experienced backup support from Megan

"On paper, I'm a backup doula's worst nightmare: a control freak who had only liked ONE doula that I interviewed and was terrified that labor pains would turn me into an evil monster. Also, while my partner supported my decision to hire a doula, he didn't totally "get it" either. And my mom, who was attending the birth, takes awhile to warm up to strangers. But despite all that, backup doula Megan Van Aelst was the MVP of my birth experience. I can't thank her enough!

I was already 37 weeks along when poor Jenn Elfner tore an PCL in her knee. I trusted Jenn's judgment in sending Megan to my birth, but I was also freaked out by the switcheroo. But within minutes of Megan's arrival at my home, I knew I was in good hands. She and Jenn have similar emotional energies, and like Jenn, Megan has a deep toolbox of knowledge and support methods. Because Jenn had helped me write a clear birth plan, Megan immediately got my preferences and was completely respectful of them. And to my shock, Megan and my mom got on like gangbusters!

As my labor progressed, I realized that I'd gotten the bargain of a lifetime: two doulas for the price of one. There I was, with a head and heart full of Jenn Elfner's prenatal prep plus Megan's on-site expertise and emotional support. Jenn's thorough prenatal prep influenced many of my choices during labor, and they were all totally compatible with the advice and support that Megan gave. Jenn often checked in with Megan via text message, and Megan would pass along those messages to me, which was reassuring. And both Jenn and Megan attended my postnatal home visit, which was super fun.

I struggle to find words for the support Megan gave me during labor. Honestly, I'm tearing up with gratitude just thinking about it. Because of Megan, I somehow got a decent night's sleep, at home, during a 40-hour labor with contractions that were stuck at 8 minutes apart. Because of Megan, who slipped a something special into my hand before I climbed into my husband's car, I survived the drive to the hospital without losing my cool. Because of Megan, who never pushed me to deviate from my birth plan, I went from feeling like a failure after requesting an epidural to feeling like a warrior who made the right decision for me. Because of Megan, my husband and mom could step away for a much-needed meal while I had a wonderful, meandering chat with Megan. Because of Megan, who periodically repositioned my body after I got the epidural, my labor kept moving and baby was born just a few hours later. Because of Megan, who stood at my bedside during delivery, my mom was free to catch her first grandson during delivery. Because of Jenn and Megan working together, my birth is a happy memory, one in which I felt fully supported as a woman and a new mother." - Jen | mother of one

words from a client who experienced backup support from hollie

"We found having Jenn's support to be valuable. There is so much information and opinions out there, that having Jenn to thoroughly talk through all of our options and provide us with unbiased information was really refreshing. I felt that no matter what we chose to do or how anything turned out, that Jenn would continue to support us. Hollie was very helpful when we needed help the most. She swooped right in and provided the hands on support I needed in the moment - sweet relief! She took beautiful, tasteful photos of the birth that are a treasure to have and look back at." - Robyn | mother of one