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Jenn Elfner Birth & Photography | Experienced certified doula and professional birth photographer. Services include fresh 48, newborn, family, and pregnancy massage therapy. Columbus & Central Ohio


2016 | Year In Review

Jenn Elfner

It's the time of year where I wrap up office work for the previous year. In looking back at 2016, it really was a fantastic year. I am so thankful to the 25 families who invited me to be part of their children's births.

2016 | Doula Year In Review

  • Births - 25
  • Boys - 13
  • Girls - 12
  • Vaginal Births - 22
  • Cesarean Births - 3
  • VBA2C - 1
  • Inductions - 4
  • Un-Medicated - 14
  • Epidural Medication - 11 (includes cesareans)
  • First Time Mothers - 9
  • Second (or more) Time Mothers - 16
  • The Ohio State Medical Center Births - 12
  • Mount Carmel St. Ann's Hospital Births - 5
  • Dublin Methodist Hospital Births - 7
  • Riverside Methodist Hospital Births - 1
  • Miles Driven - 6,523 miles

Jackson | Birth Photography

Jenn Elfner

Welcome to baby boy Jackson! If you look closely you can see two innovative new L&D options at The Ohio State University Medical Center. The first is the Monica wireless external fetal monitor, which can allow for increased mobility during labor. The second innovation is Nitrous Oxide for pain management. If you are plan to birth at OSU - ask your care provider for more information on these options.

Nora | Newborn Session

Jenn Elfner

Sweet Nora and her family were scheduled to be my birth doula clients. I unfortunately missed their birth due to a scheduled vacation. My fantastic backup doula, Megan Van Aelst, kindly stepped in an provided them with support. It was so wonderful gathering back together a few days after the birth to meet Miss Nora, and talk about her exciting entrance into the world.

Vera | Newborn Session

Jenn Elfner

Vera's family invited me into their home to capture their newest family member just two weeks after her birth. We had a fun session together, and big brother's fire truck even made a cameo. Wishing this family a wonderful first year together as a family of four.

Ruby | Newborn Session

Jenn Elfner

I had the opportunity to meet Ruby and her wonderful parents just a few weeks after she was born. She indulged us by taking a short nap on a personalized quilt handmade by her grandmother. The session was capped off by a furry photo bomb by the family's sweet cat. Wishing you an amazing first year Ruby!

Anna | First Birthday

Jenn Elfner

Miss Anna was one of my 2015 doula babies. I was delighted to be invited back to capture her as she turned one year old. She has grown into a amazing big girl in the past year, and even showed off her new walking skills. We had a lovely evening capturing her happy spirit along with her parents on their beautiful rural property. Happy Birthday Anna!